Custom Brokerage Services

Customs clearance is an important step in the freight forwarding and logistics chain. It entails complying to the customs authority's laws and standards in order to guarantee that items are imported or exported lawfully and effectively. Consolidation & Logistics Services Ltd provides skilled custom brokerage services to assist our clients in navigating complicated customs procedures and avoiding any complications that might result in delays or excessive expenditures.

At Cosmos Logistics Ltd, we understand how difficult it may be to navigate the complexity of international commerce and customs procedures. As a result, we provide extensive custom brokerage services to help you optimize your import and export procedures, ensuring that your goods transit borders smoothly and quickly.

  • Our Custom Brokerage Expertise

  • Preparation and Consultation

    We begin by meticulously evaluating your cargo data and offering professional advice on applicable customs rules, fees, and rates.

  • Documentation Management

    In order to prevent delays, our staff handles all documentation needs, making sure the documentation you receive is accurate, thorough, and produced on time.

  • Tailored Solutions

    Every company has different demands when it comes to customs. We collaborate closely with you to comprehend your unique needs and then customize our services to match your sector, products, and trading partners.

  • How Our Custom Brokerage Services Work

  • Preparation and Consultation

    We start by carefully going over the contents of your shipment and provide professional guidance on the customs laws, duties, and taxes that apply to your products.

  • Documentation Management

    Our team of professionals takes care of all paperwork requirements and makes sure that the documentation is right, extensive, and finished on time to prevent delays.

  • Customs Clearance

    We communicate with customs officials on your behalf, making it easier for your products to pass through customs checkpoints without incident. The risk of issues with compliance is reduced thanks to our experience.

  • Continuous Communication

    We keep you updated on the progress of your shipments, any potential problems, and anticipated delivery dates throughout the customs clearing procedure.



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Ariful Islam

Managing Director

CLL has been our trusted logistics partner for years. Their dedication to delivering on time and their ability to find cost-effective solutions are unparalleled. They've played a crucial role in our supply chain success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Cosmos Logistics LTD is a freight forwarder or freight forwarding company used by businesses to arrange and handle the movement of domestic and international Air, Ocean, or Ground shipments from point of origin to point of destination, as well as, to assist importers and exporters to transport their commercial goods from one international location to another. Cosmos Logistics LTD ensures that goods arrive at the right location, on-time and on budget, by acting as an intermediary to ensure cooperation between the customer and all involved airlines and carriers. Core responsibilities are to identify the best routes, advise on various modes of transport, as well as, to negotiate freight rates with the airlines and carriers to move cargo economically, via the best shipment points.

The regulation clearly stipulates that the shipper is responsible, being further defined as the shipper noted on the Bill of Lading (B/L). Since this can also be the freight forwarder, clear agreements as to the responsibility should be made between the parties involved. In the case of a consolidation, only the consolidator, which is not the original shipper, is in the position to provide the final weight.

A Freight Forwarder insists on personal communication and great customer service. A good freight forwarding service can save the client untold time and potential headaches while providing reliable transportation of products at competitive rates. A freight forwarding service is an asset to almost any company dealing in international transportation of goods, and is especially helpful when in-house resources are not versed in international shipping procedures.

Dangerous goods are solids, liquids, or gases that are flammable, explosive, or toxic to people, other living organisms, property, or the environment. Manufacturers, shippers, and transporters MUST know what they are shipping and properly identify, classify, pack, mark, label, and document according to Transport all dangerous goods regulations.

Incoterms, short for ‘International Commercial Terms’, is a set of sales terms defined by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). They are widely used as a standard for international trade because they clarify the responsibilities between buyer and seller.